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Additional Services

Anti-Peptide Antibody production including ELISA Testing

Severn Biotech provides a fully flexible service to provide polyclonal and mono-clonal antibodies. Typical immunisation protocols extend over 77 days and include pre and post immunisation ELISA testing of sera throughout the period. The service is UK home office approved and US NIH compliant. For further details please enquire

Affinity Purification Service to include ELISA Testing

Affinity columns are made by binding a specific peptide or protein to Thio-linkTM Gel. This is then used to remove or capture the specific antibody to that peptide or protein from the anti-sera. This is then eleuted from the column as the purified sera effectively removing the non specific antibody molecules.Purified sera is then verified by ELISA testing the eluted purified material against the antiigen

Custom made Affinity Purification Columns

Affinity columns are made by binding the protein or peptide of interest to Thio-linkTM Gel which is housed within a poly-propylene tube.The bound material is specific to the anti-sera to be purified and used to capture then elute the molecules of interest. Colulmns can be washed and re-used to batch the sera being purified.The bound hapten is irreversibly attached but can be re-used several times.For long term storage use a PBS buffer solution containing sodium azide to preserve the column integrity.End caps are supplied to keep the column from drying out. For further details please enquire

Peptide Design and Antigenicity Prediction.

Severn Biotech has many years experience in designing peptides particularly from BLAST search data. Not every sequence is suitable for use in anti-sera production and specific epitopes are often non viable. We can aid your decision making in determining the best peptide sequence to synthesise which will help predict a specific anti-body to the protein of interest. For further details please enquire.

Protein Sequencing using Edman degradation

N terminal sequencing of proteins and pepides is attained using edman degradation.This enables sequence data to be used in protein determniation. Sequence data is very useful in designing DNA probes and primers. Protein material can be supplied from PVDF mambranes,stained Gels and blots, liquid fractions from HPLC and freeze dried material. For further details please enquire.

Amino Acid Analysis

Amino Acid analysis is achieved by ion exchange methods and HPLC, it is ideal for determining net peptide content for GMP requirements, QC data with peptide synthesis and use in food and drink analysis.