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Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis Service

Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis Service!  PREMIER PEPTIDE

For the production of larger scale peptide synthesis of API/ biological and biologically active peptides to include therapeutic products, based on synthetic peptides, researcher workers  requiring larger quantities of peptides (>1g) may be more interested in Severn Biotech’s PREMIER PEPTIDE technology, where we are now able to offer a large-scale peptide synthesis service with the highest success rate  (over 95%).

Large Scale Peptide Synthesis is more than a scale up process of the standard peptide synthesis. Synthesising Large Scale Peptides requires dedicated peptide Chemists with the experience and skill to construct difficult molecules. Planning is an essential element, with the potential use of exploratory test synthesis prior to scale up. Getting it right is based on quality, experience, from route design to product delivery, something which only comes from experience.
When compared to our Standard smaller scale Service, the Large-Scale PREMIER PEPTIDE Synthesis service maintains all the original features, such as guaranteed high purity and high success rate in synthesis of extremely long peptides (up to 100 amino acids). Furthermore, preliminary costing, project review, R&D, process optimization, and detailed qualification reports  from HPLC and MS will be used to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of your peptides.

Key Features:
    •    Fully tracked process at cGMP level
    •    Project managed Peptides with  One-to-one managing of each Peptide project
    •    Process optimization of synthetic route with Kaiser testing at each  AA addition
    •    Highly tested purity, verified  at >95% verified by RPHPLC, MALDI-TOF MS, and Amino Acid Analysis.
    •    Customer service follow-up.

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