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Screening Peptides

Screening Grade Peptide are normally a larger number of Peptides used simultaneously or sometimes individually for use in epitope mapping, drug target validation or a specific vaccine development of structural protein or poly-peptide. Peptides for use a drugs are becoming more prevalent from antibiotic peptides to hormone characterisation.

Screening Peptides can have any level of purity, however, at Severn Biotech we prefer to synthesise high purity molecules which have been fully purified, so as to give improved performance and confidence.

Screening grade molecules are normally made at >1-4mg at >95% purity. Typical length would be 5-15 Amino Acid residues. These molecules are individually scrutinised and prepared by R-HPLC and MALDI-TOF MS. Each peptide comes with individual QC data verifying the peptide integrity. Turn-around times normally 3-4 weeks.

We can also supply crude screening material or peptides with purity >85%, should the purity not be required. Turn-around times normally 2-3 weeks.

The average request is for 50+ or more molecules in any one batch. These can be supplied lyophilised in single vials and individually QC tested. There is an option to have the Peptides aliquot and dried onto ELISA plates. Screening Peptides can be used in libraries and we can supply overlapping sequences of molecules which cover a large epitope.

  • Antibody Binding Studies. 
  • Epitope Mapping.
  • Biological Peptide Assays.
  • Drug Discovery & Vaccine Development.
  • New cell therapeutic peptides.
  • Assay Development.

For pricing and to discuss your project please contact Severn Biotech’s sales office and our Peptide Chemists will happily discuss your requirements.

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