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Severn Biotech Custom Peptide Synthesis

Severn Biotech have been synthesising Peptide(s) Bio-molecules for over 20 years, in that time we have developed a reputation for producing high quality products at affordable prices.

Standard Scale Peptide Synthesis
Standard Scale Peptide Synthesis represents typical peptide synthesis requirements for the majority of research workers utilizing research peptides. This service offers 1-99mg scale, typically employing 10mg as the norm, with purity levels of >95%. The purity is verified by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry and analytical HPLC. The purity levels can be varied from >85% to >98% dependent upon the required techniques for which the peptides are to be used.

There are various chemical methods to making peptides; we generally use Fmoc- protected Amino Acid methods, which are employed using various chemical initiators to speed up the peptide bond formation. Approximate delivery times vary depending upon the degree of difficulty as there are inevitably exceptions. However, we aim to make your peptide in 10 working days!

Most immunological reactions take place using peptides>70% purity, which is why Severn Biotech immunology grade peptides start at >85% purity giving greater specificity for the majority of Immunological Peptides reactions. Techniques for which peptides are used include Immunology /Cell Biology/ Immuno-cytochemistry /Western Blotting/ ELISA/ Receptor binding studies/ Peptidometrics etc.

Where net peptide content is essential to biological performance we also include Amino Acid Analysis on specific molecules, this enhances the molecule characterisation to GMP specifications.

Quality Assurance
All Peptide molecules are investigated and reported for QC verification, they are supplied with HPLC and Mass Spectrometric evaluation. Information is also supplied on Peptide dissolution gleaned from production of your peptide. This information is important when using specific molecules in biological experiments where activity is concentration dependant. Some molecules with >55% hydrophobic Amino Acids content may not be suitable, so every effort is made to discuss your molecule in order to facilitate the experimental criteria.

Key Features
  • Tracked or monitored Synthesis indicating difficult Amino Acid additions to GMP specifications.
  • Managed chemical methods, employing different synthesis regimes to facilitate the correct Peptide Product.
  • Consultation with Peptide Chemists and Qualified staff to manage each Peptide Product ensuring feasibility.
  • Optimisation of synthetic route to include Kaiser testing for each Amino Acid addition.
  • Highly tested QC verification at >85% to >98% purity by RP-HPLC and MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry with Amino Acid Analysis.
  • Customer service follow up and determination of client satisfaction.

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